We have done the final assignment!


Well,the last reflection for this semester,and also for my foundation.It’s kind of sad things for me to keep writing.

Time flies very fast. In the first day of my foundation year, I was not expected that I will finish my foundation by knowing great people and learn many things that i don’t know before.

I was regretted before I start my foundation because I’m gonna leave my hometown,family,my love one and friends too and start a new life in this strange place alone.

After I start my foundation,the regret is replace by the faith to be a designer.I’m not alone too because the great people that i just mentioned is my best friends.They are Melissa,Jennifer, Chloe and Vivian.Sometime,they are very nice,but sometime they will be bad too.You know,no one is perfect including me.But without them,my foundation year is not complete.I have learn many things from them especially the techniques they design stuff and the way the do their work.I believe that we will be the best designer in future.

Last but not least,the lecturers in my foundation years are awesome too.They are very nice and cool instead of act serious and strict.They taught us many things as they can to help us to make up the road for us to become a great designer.And now,we are leaving them.It’s so sad but we still need to keep going our life to become a success designer.

I will remember my foundation year and the people too.

Farewell to my foundation year!




Shooting for the prank video.

In this two weeks, we have pranked and interviewed our lecturers.When shooting the video, the reaction that our lecturers give us are priceless except Sir Ernesto because he was super calm and steady.

Shooting process :

  1. For Mr Charles, we have practised a small dance performance with the kindergarten music.Then, when he came,he was very shocked when we start to dance and wearing the flower head while the music is playing.It was very unexpected for him even me,myself also unexpected that we gonna make this kind of thing.
  2. For Miss Mary, I have to sacrifice my sleeping time because we need to come to the class before the 8am english class start.So,I go to class at 7 am.Anyway, it’s quite fun because I know that I’m designing a moment with my friends.
  3. For Sir Ernesto, I think this is the most scary because we need put ourselves in a red light situation because we need to set up the situation with our props before his class start.


Interviewed Questions :

  1. What do you understand by the term “unexpected”?
  2. Why is being unexpected so important (artistically/generally)?
  3. Have you ever experienced a student actually doing something unexpected?
  4. Would you be willing to do the unexpected?

I think that’s all for this 2 weeks.






So, for this week, we have decided to make a flower head for this video.It’s quite fun and if you see us wear this you will definitely laughing all the way to the end of this prank.

So this is some of the picture when we are making the props-flower head.





We need to do a proposal in a power point for our final assignment.So, this is our proposal which took us 2 weeks to finish this.

TITLE : Designing Moments

SYNOPSIS: A group of art students create unexpected moments in an attempt to illicit responses from their design lecturers.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Over the years, lecturers are always encouraging design students to do something out of the ordinary but how good are they at expecting the unexpected? Can they expect students to achieve beyond the learning objectives & outcomes? How often does that occur?

OBJECTIVE: To design moments and engage people in unexpected ways. We are the medium and the representation of what can be unexpected.





This week is our discussion about the video that we need to do for the final assignment.

So, we decided to make a prank video instead of doing the normal documentary video. Mr charles gave us many advises and ideas to make this kind of video.In this discussion, I realised that this is not just a prank video but this is about designing moment.

In this video, we gonna make video which is unexpected and we are not going to use any medium such as paintbrush, colour pencil and other,we just pretend ourselves as the medium in this video.

More idea is ‘on the way’.



Today,Mr Charles have gave us a brief about our last assignment.Guess what,IT’S ABOUT TO FILM A VIDEO! I just don’t like to film a video because it’s not my interest.

So,we gonna film a video about our journey to be a FID student.BUT, that’s not only to ‘FILM A VIDEO’, it’s need to be a documentary video which gonna tell the audience about the special part of FID.

This assignment gonna be a group work so my group mates are Melissa, Jennifer, Chloe, Vivian, Amira, Felicia and Junwei.

That’s all for this week CTX class.