Project 1 – KNOW[ing] the Artist


Inspiration is an influence by perception and knowledge of contextual relationships and hence requisite translation into a process of design. In this project the selected artist given will be the inspiration subject in the design requirement. The research input gain from the artist’s works will generate stimulation and instill the ideas into a form that requires a certain abstract comprehension of different phenomena. In this particular project, it is an in-depth exercise to gain intensive knowledge of the selected contemporary artists in worldwide. The artists themselves went into basic inspiration ideas to renowned appealing exquisite art works, which highly valued locally and/or internationally.


The students are required to do an intensive research of the selected individual artist given by the lecturers. The research involves understanding the artist’s background, philosophies and visions in art work, as well in looking in their several prominent works by understanding the characters and style adapted and material used. All the information gained will presented in Info Graphic board.

Designer’s Inspiration Studies Info Graphic

* It is important to able subtract several KEYWORDS out from your understanding of the designer’s works/philosophies in the earlier inspiration studies in a mind mapping method.


Presentation of info graphic in size one (1) A2 board (Portrait Format)

This is my first project for this semester ,yes,it’s my second semester already!

This project is about our exploration of Info Graphic. Info graphic is a fun way of putting our research into a graphic visual. It’s a interesting and not boring presentation way for us. We can put different shape and picture into our presentation so we can display the information more effectively.

The artist that i have been chosen to do research with is Nick Veasey. Then I need to put all the research into a mind map form so that i can easily to arrange all of my information into my info graphic more easily.

Nick Veasey is a British photographer who is born in London in 1962. He worked in a advertising and design industries and then he have been ask to x-ray a soda can for a tv show. From that time, he started to build his interest towards creating x-ray image.

I have use THREE keywords for the artist that i have been chosen to do research with. The three keywords are :

  1. CONTRAST (different in juxtaposition)
  2. MONOTONE (colour)
  3. TRANSLUCENT (material : x-ray film)
New Doc 2018-04-14_1(2)

It’s the mind map about NICK VEASEY.

This is my second mind map that i have done. I tried to gather more information and arrange them into a mind map form so can let me easily to differentiate them. Then, I felt this kind of info graphic a bit boring so I tried to improve my-self to do more better.

New Doc 2018-04-14_2(2)


This is my first draft for my info graphic. I tried to do it in a portrait mode and started to put in more image of the artist’s artwork and some of my own drawing. In this draft, I have many things that I can improve which are the composition and the information that I have. BTW, I creates my artist in a Lego form! COOL ohhh!


New Doc 2018-04-14_3(2)

My first draft for info graphic.

This is my second draft for my info graphic. For this draft, I have removed my Lego Nick Veasey (sad) and some images. I tried to arrange them into a more better composition but still not good yet. A better version is still working on.

New Doc 2018-04-14_4

Final draft for my info graphic.


Final Outcome :

This is my Final outcome of my INFO GRAPHIC!

I have improved the composition of this info graphic by arrange them into many subtopic so it’s very easy to transfer all the information to the reader and put more images for easy understanding.


new doc 2018-04-14 17.18.07_4







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