IAD Assignment 2

Transformation model 1 to model 4

Interaction between Animal and Human

The interaction that can be done between the human and the Aldabra tortoise are feeding,observation,exercising, and check-up. These 4 type of interaction is the most common physical interaction.

I have to pretend myself as the only worker as to care or to protect the inspiration animal when I’m doing this assignment.

ID_12.jpg Base Model Ideation

This is my base model ideation. I get all my inspiration from the animal that chose by me which Aldabra Tortoise. I need to produce idea to design a architecture according to the some specific criteria:

  • Formal organisation
  • Design language
  • Applying the 6 keywords
  • Properties of form
  • space consideration (1 person)

Base model ideation.


The reference picture which are related to my animal and architecture.

Transformation Process

Material all the transformation process :

  • MODEL 1 – Polystyrene foam
  • MODEL 2 – Polystyrene foam
  • MODEL 3 – Modelling card and board
  • MODEL 4 – Modelling card and board

Model 1 to model 2.


Model 2 to model 3.


Model 3 to model 4.

Tutorial Sheet 







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