Sunway Pyramid vs The Great Pyramid


This assignment focuses on investigating historical works to not just enrich student proficiency in architectural language, design and ideas but most importantly to develop and hone students’ historical and architectural criticism skills. Through the study of an existing building (from a list issued by the lecturers), students will be able to communicate and expand their own architectural vocabulary and develop design concepts. In a group of 7-8, students are required to conduct precedent study analysis on specific buildings via site visits and through on-line forum discussion, sketch analysis
journal, verbal and digital presentations. The precedent study analysis project should help clarify questions of “why” the case study is historically, culturally and architecturally inspired and “how” the design concepts derived from the past have influenced and/or been reflected in the case study, and by extension how these can be developed and expanded to be creatively and innovatively integrated into a prospective design project.

In developing students’ historical and architectural criticism skills the objectives of the project are:
1. To introduce basic architectural theory through a consideration of intentions, concepts,patterns, disciplines, architectural language and contextual relationships.
2. To creatively and innovatively develop and expand the design concept derived from the precedent study analysis.
Learning Outcome
1. To produce building analysis which document intentions, concepts, patterns, disciplines,architectural language and contextual relationships.
2. To produce graphical development, expansion and elaboration of intentions, concepts,
patterns, disciplines, architectural language and contextual relationships in developing
architectural critics’ skill.

A precedent study is an effective approach in learning architectural history as well as an essential research stage for any architectural design project. To be a good architect it is crucial that one thoroughly understands what came before a successful architectural creation. Precedent studies provide understanding of these contributing factors. The information learned from this process will give architects wisdom to create architecture that is at par or even better than what has come before.In addition, precedent studies might also reveal reasons for design failure, thus giving designers that understanding so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

The study of precedent requires students to gather architectural information, so that they truly appreciate the essence of the building; have in-depth understanding of the building systems at work, as well as recognize the series of important elements that realize design aspects of the building.
Each group is required to collectively address the questions below :
1. i. What is the main function of the building?
ii. What was the concept or philosophy of the architect or founder that makes the
building significant / meaningful?
2. i. What were the major influences of a historical era of architecture on the building?
ii. How does the context, building period and evolution makes the building significant
and meaningful?
3. i. What is the form or shape of the building?
ii. How does the form or shape of the building connect / contrast / derive from a
historical era of architecture
4. i. What were the materials and construction technology or method used?
ii. How do these materials and construction technology or methods compare / contrast
with the historical methods from the ‘influencing era’?

Group Mates: 

  1. Wong Jia Wen
  2. Melissa Ng Li Xiang
  3. Wong Cai Ying
  4. Goh Chong Yue
  5. Philbert Lowell
  6. Vincent Lim
  7. Liberty Woon Hui Tse
  8. Nayashaan Mohamed

Architecture Style given: Egyptian Architecture
Building given: Sunway Pyramid

The visit to Sunway Pyramid is quite fun as we gone through every detail on the architecture and all the decoration. We studied and keep observe again every detail in the architecture so we can increase our understanding towards this architecture and then compare it with the great pyramid.



My Parts of the Journal 

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17 (1)18-1.jpg18 (1)

My Impression Towards Sunway Pyramid 


Journal Link

Egyptian Architecture Final Journal









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