Assignment 7 – Paraline Drawing

Plan Oblique can be constructed quickly because it’s projecting directly from the
plan. Exploded view illustrates how structure and major design component relate
to each other.
Learning Outcome:
On successful completion of this module the student will be able to:
CLO 3: Draw and compose two dimensional 2D & 3D orthographic drawings with
correct architectural drafting symbol & a working knowledge of manual drafting

d. com_32.jpg

Exercise that I did in class before start doing the assignment.

7. (a) Isometric

This is the 2-d plan given, I need to make it into 3-Dimensional form.

Screenshot (45)


d. com_33.jpg

Final outcome.


7.(b) Axonometric / Plan Oblique

I choose 30 – 60 degree as my angle when i draw this oblique of my house model.

d. com_34

Draft on A2 size cartridge paper using 2H pencil.

d. com_35

Final outcome on A2 size tracing paper using pen.

First attempt drawing oblique. Although it is very hard for me to finish it but the progress make me learnt a lot of things that’s worth my life.



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