Assignment 6 – Plan and Section

Orthographic projection refers to a system of interrelated two-dimensional
views of a building. The information in the drawings needs to be both
accurate and interconnected to tell the story of the building and
communicate the proposed scheme clearly using a system that is universally
recognized and understood. These drawings are two-dimensional images
that need to be read and interpreted as a three-dimensional building or
Develop an understanding of the basic principles of drawing using a range of
media to record and communicate visual information.
Learning Outcome:
On successful completion of this module the student will be able to:
CLO 3: Draw and compose two dimensional 2D & 3D orthographic drawings
with correct architectural drafting symbol & a working knowledge of manual
drafting equipment.
You are required to produce orthographic projections for a residential
building that given to you. List of drawings as per details below:
1. One Plan (two floors)
2. Four Sectional Elevations
The drawings need to be perfect with all the criteria’s stated below:
 Grid Line – According to column arrangements or main walls.
 Proper dimension – in millimeter only (do not write mm on dimension)
 Dimension line to be in proper order and with slash style.
 Proper architectural symbols for stairs, windows, doors, etc.
 Section line with proper architectural symbol.
 Floor and wall material properly indicated and drawn.
 Furniture & fittings
 Drawing title in larger writing
 Title Block
6. (a) PLAN

d. com_28.jpg

Using 2h pencil to do the draft so that’s why the picture is very blur and unclear.


d. com_29.jpg

Final outcome.


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