Assignment 4 – Model Making

Scale model is one of the most effective ways to communicate a design idea, In
spite of the advances in computerization. Interior designer who require interior
models to evaluate and sale the look of a new proposal before it is built. The aim
of this assignment is to introduce the student to the basic Interior design model
making methods & materials.
To produce on interior model of a given plan of house to signify elements of interior
Learning Outcome:
On successful completion of this module the student will be able to:
CLO 2: Produce & explore architectural model making technique using basic tools
& materials
 Balsa Wood
 Foam Board (both sided white paper)
 1mm Clear Perspex sheet
 White colour cardboard
 Modelling Board
 Metal ruler & Scale ruler
 Pencil & eraser
 Cutting mat,
 Knife & blades
 X-acto knife
 White Glue/ UHU glue
 Masking Tape
Assignment 4(a):
Referring the given orthographic drawings, in a group students are required to
build a scale model to scale 1:25



Entrance hall.


Bird-eye-view towards our mezzanine floor.


Bird-eye-view for my model’s ground floor.


Our tiny garden behind the kitchen.


Bird-eye-view for our toilet.


Top view.

Assignment 4(b):
1 no. of A3 presentation composition of several different views of photos taken of
the model (outside & inside) & compose using Photoshop before print.


This assignment really sanctifying as the model all very tiny and very cute. I really enjoyed the progress when doing this assignment and work as a team also very important lesson for me in every group project.


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