Assignment 2 – Object Perspectives

Interior spaces comprises of different physical components, primarily furniture.
This unit introduces me to the skills of sketching technique by producing
series of interior physical elements using method of 1-point & 2-point
perspectives. The aim of this assignment is to test student on sketching
technique, using the right technique & method. This is to prepare me for
future interior perspective assignment in this module.

To produce visual sketches, rendering and signify elements of interior
Learning Outcome:
On successful completion of this module, I will be able to:
CLO 1: Communicate design idea & process using freehand sketching &
rendering techniques to signify elements of architectural sketches in expressing
Student is required to sketch the interior physical components in artistically
random format. Choose ONLY 1 object for each assignment and must fill-up
the A3 drawing paper with six (6) different angles of perspective views.
Compose & add Captions to your illustration. You may render using color pencil
with monotone color only using the hatching techniques.

d. com_21

One point perspective i did as a exercise.

d. com_22

Two point perspective I did as a exercise.

Assignment 2a:
1-point Object Perspectives
In-Class exercise – Object: any design of single chairs, choose only one (1)

d. com_7.jpg

Assignment 2b:
2-point Object Perspectives
Homework exercise – Object: any design of table / cabinet, choose only one
(1) design.

d. com_8

This assignment help me to improve my proportion of my perspective view towards everything. Although we need to overlay many lines in this assignment, I still can identify which line I need or I don’t need and know where to add details on it.


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