Assignment 1 – Expression In Sketching

Exercise 1 : Freehand Workshop

In this exercise,we have done some basic drawing which are straight line,circle,square and linking the dot with lines.

d. com_15

Done many times just to make it perfect.

d. com_16

I have done the exercise of separate the line.

Exercise 2 : Blind Contour and Contour Drawing

In this exercise,we have to close our eyes and then draw the capsicum. At first, my drawing really really sucks,but after tried few times already, I started get the feeling and movement of my hand when i draw,yup, my drawing become better.Then I realized this exercise really want us to feel the contour movement of the things which I’m drawing.

d. com_17

First attempt to draw capsicum when my eyes are closing.

d. com_18

I started to apply the contour on my blind drawing exercise.


d. com_19

The exercise that I done for capsicum.

d. com_20

The exercise that I done for okra.

Assignment 1 : Expression in Sketching

In this assignment,we have to apply 4 different type of  techniques to create tonal value which are hatching,crosshatching,scribbling and stippling.When applying the technique,we need to follow the movement of the contour and different thickness of pen. I have used 0.2,0.4 and 0.6 art line pen when I’m doing this assignment.

d. com_6.jpg


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