IAD Assignment 1

In this Assignment 1, we have to choose an animal which have in the Zoo Malaysia.So, I have choose Aldabra Tortoise to be my inspiration. It is one of the animal which facing the problem of extinction and it is also the largest tortoise in this world.

1.1 Sketch note

At first, I have done the investigation and study about aldabra tortoise and compile all the information into a A3 size sketch note using different of color to express the emotion for every word.

Then, I redo it A2 size without any color and tried with different type of sketch note’s style.

This is my final outcome : 

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1.2 Poster 

After we have done the sketch note, we have do more research about our inspiration.Then, we have to find 3 keywords for tangible and intangible for each of them. I transform them into poster.

Tangible :

  1. Intricate
  2. Elongated
  3. Stocky

Intangible :

  1. Timid
  2. Stable
  3. Diligent


1.3 Anthropometric 

This is my 24/7 daily activities.



1.4 Ergonomic 

From the above 12 activities,i need to choose 3 to be my exploration of my human figure.




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