Assignment 1 – Experiencing Construction

The Objective of this assignment is to introduce basic principles and procedures of construction process through real-life project (experiential learning).It is also to understanding the sequence and coordination of construction at site.

This project also to expose students to construction technology/methods responding to site context. In this project, student ought increase their understanding and knowledge of construction,material and technology through demonstration.

Below is the Module Outline for this project :

project brief 1 (1)


Group Member :

1.  Lissa Lai Jing Ying

2.  Rahma Nuru Hussein Kattanga

3.  Ranjeev Singh

4.   Ng Shu Zhi

5.   Wong Jia Wen (Me)

6.   Wesley Wong


Location Of Construction Site :  Eco World’s Eco Granduer, Puncak Alam

We have done our study on one of the unit in Graham Garden which the Type A. It have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, a kitchen , dining area, living room and a car porch.

Final report :





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