We have done the final assignment!


Well,the last reflection for this semester,and also for my foundation.It’s kind of sad things for me to keep writing.

Time flies very fast. In the first day of my foundation year, I was not expected that I will finish my foundation by knowing great people and learn many things that i don’t know before.

I was regretted before I start my foundation because I’m gonna leave my hometown,family,my love one and friends too and start a new life in this strange place alone.

After I start my foundation,the regret is replace by the faith to be a designer.I’m not alone too because the great people that i just mentioned is my best friends.They are Melissa,Jennifer, Chloe and Vivian.Sometime,they are very nice,but sometime they will be bad too.You know,no one is perfect including me.But without them,my foundation year is not complete.I have learn many things from them especially the techniques they design stuff and the way the do their work.I believe that we will be the best designer in future.

Last but not least,the lecturers in my foundation years are awesome too.They are very nice and cool instead of act serious and strict.They taught us many things as they can to help us to make up the road for us to become a great designer.And now,we are leaving them.It’s so sad but we still need to keep going our life to become a success designer.

I will remember my foundation year and the people too.

Farewell to my foundation year!



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