Shooting for the prank video.

In this two weeks, we have pranked and interviewed our lecturers.When shooting the video, the reaction that our lecturers give us are priceless except Sir Ernesto because he was super calm and steady.

Shooting process :

  1. For Mr Charles, we have practised a small dance performance with the kindergarten music.Then, when he came,he was very shocked when we start to dance and wearing the flower head while the music is playing.It was very unexpected for him even me,myself also unexpected that we gonna make this kind of thing.
  2. For Miss Mary, I have to sacrifice my sleeping time because we need to come to the class before the 8am english class start.So,I go to class at 7 am.Anyway, it’s quite fun because I know that I’m designing a moment with my friends.
  3. For Sir Ernesto, I think this is the most scary because we need put ourselves in a red light situation because we need to set up the situation with our props before his class start.


Interviewed Questions :

  1. What do you understand by the term “unexpected”?
  2. Why is being unexpected so important (artistically/generally)?
  3. Have you ever experienced a student actually doing something unexpected?
  4. Would you be willing to do the unexpected?

I think that’s all for this 2 weeks.






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