2nd Assignment for CTX ! WEEK 6 (I)

Today is the brief for our 2nd assignment ! So,here you go.

Our 2nd assignment is not kind like create a proposal of a story line or what but it’s different than what our senior did.

We have accepted a stage design project in collaboration with Bryan and his teammates.In this design project,we need to design a stage for different scene in this particular event as we have 4 groups in my class.So for my group, we gonna design a  piece of first artist impression for the scene which describe a poor man, Azman’s house.

First Artist Impression??? Something like this

What I have understand from this project brief is Azman is a Malay person and he is a poor man but I’m not sure how poor he is. Azman live in countryside.


Th brief paper that my group get from them.

What you can see from the brief paper is Azman is not that “poor” person.

That’s all from me today.The end.


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