Visual Semiotics ( Week 5 )

Today we have learned about Visual Semiotics.

Visual semiotic means a sign or a representation of something.The theory of visual semiotics are to observe,view,analyse and reflect of what is happening.It also can based on the evidences on data.

Visual semiotics ( sign ) can be formed when there have the signified (denotation) and the signifier (connotation).Denotation also means fact while the connotation is the representation or the interpretation.


Here is the example of visual semiotics:


Besides,gestalt mean the psychology of visual perception.Gestalt is a German word which means “form”,”shape” and “pattern”.It help people to increase their self-awareness to find a new perspective from a thing.

Examples of Gestalt:





Other than that,I also have learned about the technique of TEASA in when design things.T is for technique,E is for effect,A is for effect on audience,S is for symbolize and A is for alternative viewpoint.


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