Visual Art (Week 4)

Before I start talking about the visual art which is our lecture for today,I wanna say something about the feedback of my assignment 1.

Okay,for my assign 1,although I have got a good result but I still not satisfied with it.I know it’s my mistake to misunderstanding the instruction to do this essay at first,but i think i can do better if I have more time.Actually,lecturer have give us the second chance after he let us look at my other course mate’s essay but I don’t want to re-do because I scare of plagiarism.I just scare when I redo again my essay,I will accidentally copy some of the point from my course mate’s essay,so I rather choose not to redo my essay.

So here is the lecture’s note for this week.

Today,we have learn about visual art.Visual can be any art forms such as design,drawing,painting and sculpture.It can be apply in any material.Visual art usually apply in a art form to the viewers by saying something.It have the hidden message and we can easily t understand by looking at it.That’s why it’s “visual” art.


This is one of the visual art.The title of this art form is “Cast No Evil” by Alia Ali.It’s quite interesting because of the contrast of the main object with background.


This another example of visual art.It’s the combination of grafitti and traditional painting by French Visual Artist,Marchal Mithouard who also known as Shaka.

Want to know more about Shaka,just click the link!



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