Research on a Surrealism movie ( Week 2 )


I have decided to use the movie of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” as my CTX assignment 1 essay.I chose this movie because this movie have many scene  that have portrayed surrealism.The physical appearance of some of the characters and the power of the peculiar children and the ymbrynes have illustrated the surrealism.

So,lets have a look of the main characters in this movie!Yea!

download  This is Miss Peregrine!! The main ymbryne in the movie.

download-1 This is Jake,Jacob Portman! The teen that help the peculiar children to fight the monster.

download-2 This Emma,Jake’s love interest! Opps,her hair’s colour actually is not like that in the movie.

download (3).jpg Hey Mr.Baron! The head of the monster!

So,here is the main characters ! Others you may watch the movie to know more !


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