Still researching… ._. ( Week 1 )

Okay,this is my new sem ofcourse there will have a lot of new assignments for me.

Baby Making Funny Face

For this semester,the creative thinking skill has been up level to become Contextual Studies.The first assignment for this course is to write an essay with 1200 WORDS!!! I have wrote maximum 500 words of essay before but essay with 1200 words is such a challenge for me…erghhhhh

My first assignment is about the relation of an art movement with a movie.There have many art movements which are surrealism,dadaism,neorealism,kitsch,french new wave and more.I have choose surrealism as my art movement because I quite familiar with this art movement.This is my research about surrealism and the movie that I have choose.

What is surrealism??

Surrealism is an art movement that began in the early 1920s.Andre Breton,the French poet,have launched this movement in Paris 1924.The aim of this movement is to resolve the contradictory conditions of dreams and reality.Surrealism is an art movement that make the objects surreal,estrangement and the displacment of objects from its normal circumtances.

Image result for surrealism art

The Persistence of Memory   by Salvador Dali

The painting styles of surrealism are unnerving,illogical scenes with photographic precision.It also created the strange creatures from everyday objects such as humans,furniture fruits and animals.

Image result for surrealism art magritte

The Son of Man  by Rene Magritte

The problem is the movie! I’m still confuse whether I want to choose Un Chien Andalou or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children for this research report.



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