It’s the end of my FIRST semester! our Final project of CTS —> the  KINETIC MURAL!!! At first,we were so shocked when we heard about this project ,it was impossible for us to do this huge work but we did it.

First,we have think and sketch our idea for this mural in sketchbookI have done some sketch and this is my sketch.

However,the choosen sketch is done by our class monitor,Melissa Ng.Her idea is very interesting which her mural have many stickman’s action that will moving when blow by the wind.

After we have finalize the best sketch,we collected as many cans as we can.Then we start doing our mural just in 5 days.I just can say wowww..this huge work we have done in 5 days only. *ps: the mural is 2.2m ×1.7m.Done.u


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