My Envelope 

Envelope have been created fron long times ago until now.Envelope can be create byany things,ex: colour papers,newspaper,mahjong paper and etc.

My first assignment is to create a envelope in my own style.I’m not a complicated person but im just a simple girl but I love to smile and always be happy.

I had created a envelope.

I used the lolipop as my logo for my envelope because lolipop can bring happiness to the children.Im sure every children will be happy if they get a lolipop as big as their hand as well as me! 😁😂

There have a suprise inside the envelope.I had write my name inside the envelope and some cute drawing make the envelope more interesting.

As you can see in the picture,I had use the joyful as my design concept.Then,i used the line and shape as my design elements to design this envelope.I had use the organic line to draw the outline of the lolipop and organic line will produce organic shapes to make the lolipop.

Futhermore,I had use the balance as my principle of organisation for this envelope.There have 4 types of balance which is symmetrycal balance,assymmetrical balance approximate balance and radial balance.I had use the assymmetrical balance in my envelope.As you can see the lolipop,its have the assymetrical balance.You can see the lolipop if you separate it vertically,you can see the both side is almost the same,so it have assymetrical balance.


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