I’m very sure everyone will have weakness of theirself.I’m a normal person too and I have many weakness!!!One of my major weakness is I cannot handle my mood when I facing a problem!!!!

Thats one is the one that I hate the most okay!!!! If I make mistakes or there have something ruin up my day,I will SURELY be sad or mad and I will hurt the people who always caring about me.Then,they will also be sad.


Sometime,I trying to balance my mood when my mood is on “RED LIGHT”….


balancing the MOOD is very hard.Its so hard to stay happy when you facing a problem and its impossible for us to stay happy all the time.

Okay,thats my weakness.

How I gonna defeat this problem?

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When i’m not in my mood, I want everyone don’t go nearby me.Thats the best way to not being hurt by me. XD  Then,I’m trying to calm myself down and listen to the relaxing music.Likewise,I also will trying to sleep ! AHA

Wait,not thats all.Defeat my weakness is not the same thing with solving problem.After I been calm down,I will trying to find the best way to solve that problem or what I just probably do is just ignore the problem.JUST LET IT BE~LET IT BE~LET IT BE~LET IT BEEEE



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